Astilleros Astondoa Shipyard – 100 Years of History

Why We Represent Astondoa Yachts 

These days there is a dizzying selection of luxury yachts on the market worldwide. The G Marine brokerage has made a focused decision to represent only the best European shipyards. We take pride in bringing top-quality vessels to satisfied new owners in the Florida area specifically, and in the wider American market. 

Foreign brands are sought out by yacht buyers looking for a certain “je ne sais quoi.” European boat builders infuse their boats with flare and modern look. Astilleros Astondoa, located in Santa Pola near Alicante in Spain, is great example of a European yacht brand which is highly sought after in the American market. Here’s a closer look at this internationally renowned shipyard.  

The Astilleros Astondoa Shipyard – Today 

In Santa Pola, Spain we find a thriving business specialized in crafting premium luxury yachts. It continues to be owned and operated by the Astondoa family, incorporating four generations to date. Jesus Astondoa, the current owner and CEO, takes real pride in every yacht launched from one of their four production facilities.  

Over 3,000 vessels have joined the Astondoa fleet in the past 100 years. This company founded on the principles of professionalism and outstanding quality has gone on to build a reputation for itself. Anyone looking to purchase a customized yacht these days is familiar with the Astondoa name, its stylish design, and seaworthy durability. The shipyard specializes in building entirely customizable yachts – from the interior design, to the exterior distribution spaces. 

The Astilleros Astondoa Shipyard – 100 Years of History 

Yet, this successful shipyard has humble beginnings. It was founded by two brothers in Portugalete, Spain in 1916 as carpentry workshop producing traditional boats. Later, the shipyard became famous for producing handcrafted wooden fishing boats and pleasure crafts.  

This strong tradition of shipbuilding developed over the years, and through the generations. By adopting new techniques and implementing advanced technology, the company began producing fiberglass yachts in the 1980s. With striking design and innovative features, the Spanish brand quickly became a leader in the European yachting industry.  

Astondoa yachts, like the GLX range, have won awards at a number of international boat shows and are still considered exemplary yacht concepts to this day. It has the widest range of vessels in any fleet made by the same yacht brand. These include sport cruisers that are 40 feet in length, to fiberglass yachts stretching past 120 feet, to steel-hull megayachts reaching nearly 150 feet in length.  

Learn more about the debut of the Astondoa 52’ Flybridge, 80’ GLX and 110’ Century at the Yachts Miami Beach event.  

Astondoa Yachts in the Americas – G Marine Brokerage 

“We currently bring a range of boats from 52ft to 66ft to an 80ft to the 100ft, the 110ft and ultimately the 120ft. That is the range of boats that are currently in America, floating with happy owners,” explains David Galante in the video. 

“All these boats are manufactured in fiberglass, and the interior of some of them was done by Cristiano Gatto Design, who is a famous Italian designer. 

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