5 Steps to Building a Custom Yacht

Building your own custom yacht should be the realization of a dream. You want every detail to be exactly as you imagined it. Before you jump into the custom yacht design and building processes, get a better idea for the important steps and factors to consider. 

1.Understanding Your Preferences

First, take the time to understand what you like and want in a boat. Think specifically about how you plan on using the yacht. When you have a crystal clear vision of what your yacht will need, you’re less likely to get hung up with the unimportant details. You won’t be swayed by a barbecue and sun lounges when what you really need is a shade, for example. In order to have the designer, project manager and shipyard on the same page, write out your priorities for the new yacht project. 

Astondoa 110 Century Miami

2. Planning 

A luxury yacht broker can be your best friend for a custom build. Brokers, like G Marine, have a wealth of experience and can help you determine the right type of yacht and technical features to suit your needs. Then, they can help negotiate a fair price and file all the legal papers. 

G Marine can provide precious insight during the design phase on how to best ensure a good resale value. When it’s time to make decisions, we can help strike a balance between your preferences and what will make it sell faster when its eventually put on the market.

3. The Building Process

Today, even more compact-sized yachts now offer extreme customization. Like with the Astondoa 66’ Flybridge, personalization usually reserved for superyachts is available on a 66-foot motor cruiser. Owners can choose from a virtually infinite number of floor plan options, fits and finishes.

4. Choosing the Right Shipbuilder

A custom yacht build is a complex process that involves a lot of different companies and figures. Having the support of skilled professionals can make the process less stressful and much smoother. Choosing the right shipyard is key because they will ensure that the yacht is built to the highest quality standards, respects deadlines and stays true to your ultimate vision. With over a 100 years of experience building custom pleasure crafts for discerning clients, Astondoa certainly stands out in the yachting industry.

Astilleros Astondoa Santa Pola Spain

5. Completion & Delivery

Like all the best things in life, building a custom yacht takes time. And don’t be surprised to encounter challenges during the custom yacht build process. Adequate space, technical specifications, weight, hydrodynamics…there are a lot of factors involved in building a one-of-a-kind yacht. 

The professional yacht brokers at G Marine walk clients through the entire new build process - from concept to completion. This includes overseeing the final stages of construction and outfitting to ensure that your custom yacht is nothing short of what you’ve always dreamed. Finally, if plan correctly the delivery of the new yacht can be done before the season starts in the Mediterranean, which means you can enjoy the Med summer season there before shipping the boat to the Americas

G Marine Is Your Partner for Custom Yacht Construction

As the exclusive Astondoa dealer in the Americas, G Marine  helps represent the brand’s 100 years of history. With the right organization, your new yacht can be launched in the spring. This is just in time to enjoy summer in the Med before shipping the yacht to Florida for the winter. Contact G Marine  today.