A Journey Through Luxury and Time

From the drawing board, to the workshop, to the port…three generations have worked to see the launch of more than 3,000 vessels. Expert craftsmen and technicians have built the Astondoa name over the past 100 years. Today, the Spanish brand represents luxury and quality and its custom yachts can be found everywhere that is touched by the shining seas. Jesus Astondoa now leads the shipyard where his family name is proudly displayed on each boat produced - an intentionally limited number to ensure that every new owner will be satisfied.

In a landlocked country not far away, another company has grown according to similar principles. French watchmaker, Francois-Paul Journe, has devoted his life to researching the science and art of time measurement. He has conceived and made extremely complex, accurate timepiece mechanisms. The company bearing his name carries on the extensive history of horology in the heart of the Swiss luxury watch industry. It makes original watches from the most precious metals in small series. F.P.Journe is only watch producer to craft the movements of its exclusive mechanisms in 18K rose gold. All the work on these excellent watches is done in house and with rigorous precision. 

The common threads in these business stories is a driving passion for niche craftsmanship and the overwhelming drive to make lasting works of art. Francois-Paul Journe and Jesus Astondoa don’t see themselves as designers or builders, but as creators. Combining artistry, engineering, technology and meticulousness, they have created more than just a luxury product, but a legacy. Both of these protagonists are afraid only of mediocrity. 

FP Maison Epic Miami watches

In the pursuit of bringing the Astondoa brand to the next level, it has embarked on a new adventure. Based on the concept that luxury is a sensorial experience and quality must be felt, the company wants to offer something new. Soon, the high-quality design and technology of made-to-order yachts will be brought directly to who can appreciate it the most.

FP Maison Epic Miami

As the only elite watchmaking brand to manage its own international distribution, F.P.Journe works to curate clients’ interaction with it. This January, F.P.Journe will open the very first Maison-Bar Journe concept in a well-known Miami landmark, the EPIC hotel in Brickell. Clients and collectors will be invited to experience a special collection of timepieces in an elegant setting. This space will be a fusion between a vintage-style saloon and a high-fashion showroom with a distinct Miami flair.

Bar Journe Epic Miami Astondoa Terraza

The storylines of these two distinguished businesses are about to cross. F.P.Journe and Astondoa Yachts are coming together to launch the F.P.Journe Bar - Astondoa Terraza. This unique showroom will be located inside the new Miami-based FPJ Maison. 

FP Journe Maison Astondoa Terraza Epic Miami

This exclusive space has been designed primarily for the valued clients of F.P.Journe and Astondoa Yachts in Miami. Here, they can talk directly to expert watchmakers and yacht yacht consultants and access special services. Visitors will also be inspired by the vision of their favorite brands through a series of curated experiences. The F.P.Journe Bar - Astondoa Terraza is truly a journey through luxury and time.

Images courtesy of Julian Duque