Alberto Mancini Interview Part 1

This video is the first in a series of three interviews with Alberto Mancini, Fairline's designer where he talks about his inspiration, about how great design comes to life and of course, the new Fairline projects he’s working on.

Partnership with Fairline Yachts 

We I started working for the Fairline's family, I have been very excited because it reminds me always to the 60' when British manufacturers started working together with Italian car designers. so now it's nice to work as an Italian yacht designer and support with my styling the British brand Fairline yachts. Of course is a really nice experience and we are creating a range of yachts. The GTO has been my first project and since the first sketches, we have something in mind to create a Grand Turismo open and to give the feeling to any owners to own a bigger yacht. It's a very nice, a very strong and powerful image and a nice proportion what we have created for such a successful project. 

Aspects of Inspiration

Talking about inspiration, I get inspired by several geographical areas. I like to travel a lot, I like to visit museums, I like contemporary museums but especially I'm passionate about car design and aviation. Always when I'm traveling  I find the right and the best inspiration even when I start sketching on my board in my design studio the first lines of any Fairline's Yachts project.