Alberto Mancini Interview Part 2

In this video, Alberto Mancini talks about his inspiration for the new F-Line 33,  and the way he collaborates with Fairline Yachts to make his stunning designs a reality. 

The thinking behind the new F-Line 33

We just finalized the latest renderings and 3D modeling of such an exciting project the F-Line 33. Well, this is going to be a real sample of a car design shape into a yacht's hull. The best proportion and such an exciting, exhilarating design and sleek lines,  but very important I'd like to add its not going to be just a crazy boat, a fast one. Indeed you will be able to spend a weekend on a short cruise with the family as well while enjoying the sea. 

The journey from sketch to final design

I always called it the "teamwork concept" as it's not just the exercise of only 1 person. I represent the main start, the inspiration, the styling then, of course, I'm so thankful to the Fairline company in England which is able to make the right interpretation of my design, to create such beautiful masterpieces. Of course is a compromise between the first, the most romantic steps in the early beginning when you sketched the first ideas and the industrial production of such a complex product as a luxury yacht. 

The F-Line 33, is Fairline's  first model in their new F-Line series which is scheduled to be launched next winter. 

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