Alberto Mancini Interview Part 3

The final film in our series of interviews with Fairline's main designer Alberto Mancini. In this video, he talks about his design philosophy and the soon to launch Targa 43 Open.

The challenge here is to find the best compromise but to give always the feeling to any Fairline's owner to own a bigger yacht.

I'm sitting now on the 63  GTO  but it feels much bigger than a normal 60 footer. When you are docked on a port, the feeling we were looking to achieve was to create a 62 footer with a bigger feel, a bigger ergonomy. So it was for all of us a bigger target. 

The Targa 43 Open 

The Targa 43 Open is following the concept, the philosophy of the GTO and GT, the new era of Fairline Yachts offers bigger proportions on a sleek yacht. Something that reminds me of the car industry. For example, if we compare the first 911 Porsche cars with the latest 911 models you are able to understand the iconic model, it's still the same car but the car has grown which is the same we are doing within the Targa's line.  

Where it all began

You can image when I received the call from Fairline's CEO, who was telling me in a cool winter in February, a couple of years ago that I was the winner of the design challenger. Among many other designers,  they have selected my idea, my design studio to represent the future, styling, and design of Frairlne yachts.

Of course, it has been such a pleasure and I was so pleased to join them. Especially after such stressful and long design bid between ten designers. My design team and I we are so proud that we always find the perfect energy to create the best. 

The Targa 43 Open is scheduled to be launched next winter.  Contact G Marine, the exclusive dealer of Fairline Yachts in Florida, to discover more about this new model.