David Galante: Key Considerations When Buying a Custom Yacht

This month, David Galante, a lead broker and COO of G Marine in Fort Lauderdale, made a special guest appearance on the Balancing Act Show. He was invited onto the program aired on the Lifetime Network which focuses on lifestyle advice for modern women. 

Looking at the ownership process from a more feminine perspective, David explained that purchasing a yacht is an important decision for a couple and their family. Like a vacation home, this is where they will be spending much of their time and special occasions together here. Yet staying onboard poses some of its own particular challenges. 

What to Consider When Purchasing a Yacht

Here are some key factors to keep in mind while considering buying or trading inyour next yacht.


A well-defined budget is important for making any kind of decision. When looking to buy a new or pre-owned yacht, however, it’s good to have a realistic goal and some margin for refits and modifications. Be sure to discuss the hard limits for expenses with your significant other and broker. 


Make a list of the features that are an absolute must for your yacht. Some buyers need a certain amount of cabin space, while others require speed, others still are seeking luxury details. Decide together what your ideal boat should have and look like. Planning ahead will make the process of finding the perfect yacht much easier.

At G Marine, we represent the Astondoa shipyard which builds semi-customs yachts starting in the 52-foot range. We can provide buyers with the specific layouts they need, as well as the interior textures and colors they desire. 


Nothing impacts onboard comfort more dramatically than size. Investing more for more length and volume will be a smart decision in the long-term. It can be a bit of a balancing act, because longer likely means greater maintenance and ownership costs. Yet, it’s an investment that will make cruising significantly more enjoyable and pay off when it’s time to trade it in. 

Did You Know…?

…That advanced stabilizers make it possible to avoid getting seasick on almost any boat?

…That high-tech remote controls enable you operate even a big yacht like a small toy?

…That most people can learn to maneuver a yacht in just a few days?

How Purchasing a Yacht is a Family Decision

It is crucial for both people to be "on board" with the purchase. A couple must agree that the yacht is strong and built well. They must feel capable of managing the yacht and the responsibilities of ownership. Together, they need to decide what options and extras they are willing to spend on, and those which will be less important in their purchasing decision.  

As a yacht broker, David sees himself as a matchmaker, not a salesman. The role requires using his years of experience to properly pair the right yacht to the needs of the family. And it means making a match that will bring them happiness for many years to come. 

Buying a yacht is a big decision and the options can feel overwhelming. Enlist the assistance of a skilled broker to help you find the perfect yacht. Contact G Marine for luxury yacht sales in South Florida.