How a Yacht Is Transported


Have you ever wondered, ‘how do they do that?’ One of the biggest attractions to yacht ownership is the ability to see the world from the comfort of your own home on the water. Yacht transportation makes this possibility even easier. For ocean crossings or long-distance hauls, there are three ways that a yacht can be transported: by land, by sea, and by a specialized crew. 

Yacht Transport by Land

Because of the time, wear and other logistical challenges with navigating the entire distance to some beautiful cruising destinations, shipping is a great solution. Specially equipped semi-trailers can haul yachts within certain size restrictions. It’s a pretty speedy operation too; it only takes about four days to ship a boat from the northern states, down the coast to Florida. 

Astondoa yacht being transported by land

Costs are directly related to the size and weight of the yacht, as well as the distance that it needs to traverse. A reputable transport company will also provide insurance for liability, cargo and for the yacht itself. Insurance coverage should include damage and theft. That being said, ask your broker and boat insurance agent for recommendations and check the transport company’s certifications. 

In Florida, yachts exceeding the following measurements are considered oversized and would need special permits for transport:

  • Higher than 13 feet and 6 inches, 
  • Wider than 8 feet and 6 inches, 
  • Longer than 95 feet with the trailer and truck included, OR 
  • Heavier than 80,000 pounds.

Yacht Transport by Sea

Many owners opt to have their yacht shipped to Europe to enjoy summer in the Med, to the Caribbean for the winter season or even more far-flung destinations. Special purpose ships can do the hard work of getting your yacht to the next cruising spot on your bucket list. And, unlike land transport, there are virtually no limits to the size and type of boat to be accommodated. The trans-Atlantic journey takes an average of 15 days, depending on the weather.  

Astondoa yacht transported in Dockwise yacht transport

Your broker can give you a hand finding a qualified transport company at a fair price. Reputable service providers include Sevenstar, which uses lifts to load the yachts, DYT, which allows boats to float on and off when loading, and Peters & May, which has land and sea services for boats, superyachts, and racing boats. The final selection will depend on the type of yacht to be moved and the cost estimate. The loading port and route will be determined by the transport company.

Again, the expense of shipping depends greatly on the size of the boat and the distance required. Insurance is a crucial factor when transporting your yacht onboard a ship. Most owners’ insurance policies do not cover damage resulting from overseas transportation. That means that you should be well informed about the insurance provided by the transporter. 

Yacht Transport by Specialized Crew

Some owners choose to hire a delivery captain and crew. Depending on the size of your boat, this can be a more cost-effective option. Though it’s important to find a trustworthy, experienced captain and consider the wear and tear on the yacht incurred by a long journey. Be sure to check your insurance policy to make sure that coverage includes all the areas that will be traversed. 

Astondoa 110 Century in Miami

When Yachts Are Shipped from the Astondoa shipyard in Spain

The  Astondoa shipyard sets the standard for the yachting industry when it comes to shipment to new owners. Yachts being sent from the shipyard in Santa Pola, Spain to proud owners in Florida and elsewhere get top-notch treatment. Each vessel is carefully prepared for transport. This include covering upholstery, removing outdoor cushions, securing hatches, closing valves, turning off batteries, removing any fragile items and covering all the “soft” surfaces that can not be removed with plastic. 

This will be the protocol for the two new Astondoa models - the 377 Coupé and the 52 Flybridge - making their way to the United States to debut at the 2019 Miami  Yacht Show.

Let Us Worry About the Details

G Marine takes cares of all aspects related to transportation when importing a boat from European shipyards. Trust our experienced team of marine professionals to handle the details overseas and here, in the Miami area.

We usually receive yacht deliveries in Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach. Once it has been received, a visual inspection is made of the exterior to ensure that it has not been damaged. Then, the valves are opened and batteries are loaded before the loading crane and propellers are checked as part of the visual inspection. Next, she is put in the water and a professional captain takes the boat be washed and polished in detail. The teak is cleaned and everything inside is unpacked. Finally, the new owner receives the yacht “turn-key” and ready for cruising.

G Marine can provide worldwide transportation, documentation, commissioning and delivery. Our goal is to make the entire process - from paperwork to delivery - convenient for you, wherever you are.