Introducing Astilleros Astondoa

Hi, my name is David Galante and today we are going to talk about Astondoa, one of the shipbuilders we represent. 
Astondoa is one of the shipyards that we are honored to represent. Located in Santa Pola, near Alicante in Spain. Family owned up to these days, being in existence for over one hundred years, Astondoa is the name of his founder followed today by  Jesus Astondoa, the current owner, and CEO that takes real pride into every yacht that comes out of his yard. 
The yard manufactures and specializes in entirely customizable custom yachts from the interior design to the exterior to the inside and outside distribution spaces. 
A wide range of boats ranging from 42 to 150 feet in length Astondoa has built over the years many of the premium luxury yachts in the Mediterranean and in the Americas. We currently bring a range of boats from 52ft to 66ft to an 80ft to the 100ft, the 110ft and ultimately the 120ft. That is the range of boats that are currently in America, floating with happy owners. 
All these boats are manufactured in fiberglass, and the interior design of some of them are designed by Cristiano Gatto Design which is a famous Italian Designer. 
Quite a few new models are coming out from Spain. Actually,  I'm currently heading that way and hopefully would bring some cool videos from Santa Pola in Alicante, which are amazing places in the world,  especially now that in the Mediterranean is sunny and warm.  I should post in the next few weeks the cools news, some renders and some more information about the current models. 
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