Top 4 Caribbean Hot Spots for Celebrating New Year's


It can be tough to decide where to take your yacht for a great end-of-the-year party. Though the Caribbean offers a lot of advantages for anyone looking to get away this winter. Warm, dry weather and all types of celebrations – from casual to super exclusive – make this area a clear winner.

St Barts

With mild evening temperatures, amazing fireworks displays and fabulous cruising scenery, it's no wonder why this is a favorite New Year's Eve location. Not only do some of the most famous stars and socialites flock to St Barts, but many Florida yachters make their way down there to celebrate in style. January falls in dry season and the weather is warm, making the perfect setting for fireworks. For a great show at midnight, head to the harbor of Gustavia, the capital city in St Barts.


British Virgin Islands

You could stumble upon any number of hopping New Year's Eve parties in the BVI. But for a guaranteed good time, there are two sure-fire locations. Celebrate “Old Year’s Night” at Fox’s on the island of Jost van Dyke. This party in the Great Harbor lives on for days with reggae music, dancing, delicious local cuisine and lots of cocktails. Trellis Bay on Beef Island has festivities going on all season between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Luxury yachts leave typically cold winter climates and arrive here from all over the world. They come to enjoy drumming events, folk music and Aragorn’s fireball spectacle from their deck.


St. Lucia 

This gorgeous cruising destination is a favorite among Florida boaters at any time of the year. With super clear waters, a lush, wild landscape and warm, Caribbean vibes, it’s hard to imagine a better spot for celebrating New Year’s on a yacht. For a romantic celebration or for a destination holiday with family and friends, St. Lucia has a lot to offer. New Year’s Eve celebrations tend to be ongoing until sunrise, especially in Rodney Bay and Derek Walcott Square in Castries. 

Staniel Cay

This lesser-known winter party yacht spot in the Exuma Cays has a population that barely breaks 100. Yet, this little island east of the Bahamas puts on an unforgettable two-day New Year’s celebration. Every year visitors come, and many return annually, for great music, dancing and a spectacular fireworks display at midnight. On New Year’s Day, modern yachties are invited to challenge the speed of traditional Bahamian sloops in a race. The annual Cruising Regatta held by the Staniel Cay Yacht Club is an exciting event for both participants and spectators. 

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