What makes every Astondoa Yacht so unique?

Welcome back, my name is David and we are in the offices of G Marine. Today we are going to talk about Astondoa, our Spanish shipyard which has been established in 1916, as I said before it is family owned and privately operated.
Today's CEO is Jesus Astondoa, which carries in his last names the name of the shipyard.  The Astondoa shipyard is in Santa Pola, Spain. It's a beautiful location, it got several factories. It is very different from other shipyards in the world because it is not a factory,  it is generally a shop where we custom build the boats to everyone's expectations and desires. 
Being such an old shipyard does not mean it is updated. The shipyard has a CNC machine five-axis, one of the few in the world that permit the shipyard to create its own plugs to make a mould. and they can modify the mould and they can make updates and upgrades to their model's range which by the way goes from 33-foot speed boot all the way to mega yacht class size boats in steel and aluminium Their most popular sizes are between 52 and 120 feet, all models we have sold before. 
We also use top-of-the-line vacuum infused resin into the fibreglass which makes much stiffer hulls, much lighter hulls. It is a more expensive process but the end result it is a superior product. I can not say it is very unique to us because most of the industry, at least the good manufacturers, are using this technique. 
In Astondoa every boat goes through around one hundred fifty skilled worker's hands. These guys in some cases are also third-generation workers in the shipyard. We also have the capability of painting boats up to 120 feet in length in a sealed spray booth which makes for a great paint job. The furnishing is made in-house, it is made custom to each boat. The possibilities are endless, you can choose the veneers, you can choose gloss, flat, the type of wood, the type of finishes really it is a custom boat, it is made exactly to your expectations and desires. 
If you would like to get more information about these boats go to Astondoa.com or to our website gmyachts.com where you can find images, videos, and really check out the inside and out of these boats.