Winter Cruising: the Caribbean is the Top Destination (Again)

The Virgin Islands, St. Martin, Antigua, Puerto Rico and other islands were hit hard last year by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. And these popular vacation spots are no strangers to severe weather. But there is good news for the yachting world: this region has bounced back once again.  


Following the 2017 hurricanes, the Caribbean is back at the top of the list for hot winter cruising destinations.  

Recovering from an Intense Hurricane Season 

The Caribbean saw more extreme weather then usual last year, getting plummeted by back-to-back, Category 5 hurricanes. Inhabitants of this island region were quick to restore the foundational components of their tourism-based economy, including airports, marinas, roadways and beaches.  

Resorts, hotels and yacht service centers have already reopened to ensure that they will be able to welcome cruisers with the expected Caribbean charm yet again.  

Where the Yachts Are Headed This Winter 

This coming season is ramping up to be a memorable one. Along the 70% of the Caribbean coastline that was untouched by the hurricanes, reservations have already seen a noticeable increase for this winter. Visitors are also expected to flock to some towns that are still working to recover. 

This season's Caribbean hot spots include the Bahamas, Aruba’s Eagle Beach, Grace Bay in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Rodney Bay in St. Lucia, Jamaica’s Port Antonio, and English Harbour in Antigua.

Bahamas Yacht

The Bahamas 

Paradise Island and the other main tourist draws in the Bahamas were largely unaffected by Irma and Maria. The coastline has been cleaned up and the resorts are ready for the peak season to begin.  

Atlantis Bahamas


This tiny island nation in the southern Caribbean came through the storms mostly unscathed. Visitors can expect to enjoy the white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling; it’s business as usual.  

Aruba yachts

Turks & Caicos 

This little island chain was in the path of both Irma and Maria, but it quickly got back on its feet. The majority of resorts and visitor services in Providenciales have reopened. Now, they are expecting to see a lot of yachts in the marinas shortly. Diving services, however, may still be limited as recovery efforts continue. 

Turks and Caicos

St. Lucia 

St. Lucia ,and some other islands in the southern Caribbean, were luckily spared from extensive damage. Once the storms had settled, yachts started to congregate again in the popular Rodney Bay. And another big attraction for visitors this year is the Piton Mountains and the nearby marine reserve – both of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

St Luicia yacht


Large flocks of yachts will surely be migrating to Jamaica in the 2018 – 2019 cruising season. This Caribbean classic has everything that vacationers desire. It’s an unforgettable destination because of its bright culture, cuisine and nightlife. In addition to long stretches of sandy beaches, yachties often stop in Porto Antonio, Negril, Montego Bay and Falmouth. 

Jamaica by yacht


Though neighboring Barbuda was severely damaged by Hurricane Irma, Antigua’s restaurants and resorts were up and running again within days of the storm. This winter, the international yachting hub of English Harbour will likely attract a large number of boats. While you’re cruising there, why not check out some – or all – of the island’s more than 300 beaches?  

Antigua by yacht

Cruise the Caribbean in Your Dream Yacht This Year 

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