Yachting Relieves Stress - It’s True!

It may sound like a made up excuse to spend more time on your boat, but science says it’s true. Yachting can actually relieve stress and be good for your overall health. 

Today’s hectic lifestyle wreaks havoc on our mind and body. Stress created by work, financial worries, busy schedules, noise and crowded cities has a negative impact on our health. This isn’t news for most people. But what you may not know is that science has found evidence that boating can relieve stress and improve your health.

6 Positive Health Effects of Yachting

Here is more proof for the connection between yachting and good health. Find out more about the top six health benefits.

1. De-stressing 

Spending time on the water means getting away from it all. You are literally farther from the stress of day-to-day life and work concerns. Taking your yacht out provides a break in the routine when stress can just drift away. Brian research shows that the sight and sound of water induces neurochemicals that promote cognitive and psychological wellness.

woman on a yacht

2. Relaxation

Americans are spending increasingly less time on vacation and more time at work. Yet the mind and body need a rest from the demands of work and home. Each time you for a cruise, you are essentially reaping the benefits of a mini vacation. Cruising means getting closer to nature and studies have shown that time outdoors acts like meditation. Relaxing through this active type of mediation boosts both mood and energy.

3. Social Connection

Humans are social animals. Spending quality time with family and friends is a necessary part of wellness. Socializing isn’t a waste of time, it’s an investment in the relationships that mean the most to us. Strong interpersonal bonds are shown to increase happiness, living longer, eating healthier and experiencing less stress.  

People socializing on a yacht

4. Active Lifestyle

Any doctor will tell you that regular exercise is fundamental to a long, healthy life. Boating is relaxing, but it’s also part of an active lifestyle. Boaters spend less time watching TV, scrolling social media or doing other sedentary things. While out on your yacht, you’ll surely get your heart pumping while engaging in activities like swimming, snorkeling, SUP, kayaking and more. 

5. Sunshine & Fresh Air

Spending time on your yacht means that you will be soaking up plenty of sunshine and breathing fresh sea air. Studies have shown that vitamin D is important to bone health and boosting mood. In fact, getting outside is recommended for anyone dealing with depression or sleep disorders

Family yacht

6. Fun, fun, fun

Boaters young and young at heart can all agree that spending time onboard is invigorating. From water sports to fishing, fun is guaranteed while on the water. Even sharing a good laugh with friends, while you enjoy the views from your yacht deck, is good for the spirit. Plus, giving it some gas and wave hopping is another way to have fun and get the positive endorphins flowing. Science tells us that having fun is the best way to beat stress and increase creativity.

Need any more good reasons to get out on the water? Contact the luxury yacht brokers at G Marine based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We can tell you about all the benefits of ownership.