Alberto Galante - President & CEO

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  • FYBA - Florida Yacht Brokers Association

Alberto Galante - President & CEO

Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

“Boating and Yachting is my Passion.”

Time spent on the water with my family has given me priceless memories and incredible satisfaction. I have been into boating my entire life. Believe it or not, I was almost born on a boat, literally.  Growing up I enjoyed countless days out on the water with my parents and friends…. these memories are unforgettable. 

As I got older and became a boat buyer myself, I ran into the heaping challenges of buying and ownership.  The purchase experience always seemed too lengthy and frustrating… customer service was difficult to come by… and finding people who were serious about the business – no matter your budget and boat preference – seemed impossible. 

That is why I founded G-Marine, which is what I transmit to my team members.

Boaters and yachtsmen who can see beyond the expense and financial burden of boat ownership and identify its true value are our best clients.  Granted, boat ownership is a burden with many perks.  When I serve people who think like me – focused on gaining family time, privacy, destinations, and of course… unforgettable experiences…  magic happens.

No matter your budget, if you have the core values, vision and desire, boat and yacht ownership is priceless.

G-Marine sells to the most discriminating of buyers: smart, informed, resourceful people accustomed to success in life.  Giving honest prices, true facts and leading my client toward the boat that serves their core values, vision and desire makes their buying experience a lot more enjoyable and rewarding.  

Anyone can sell a boat; I strive to sell a lifestyle.