David Galante - Yacht Broker & COO

David Galante - Yacht Broker & COO

Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

“Dedicate to navigating you through the process of buying and owning a boat.”

My passion is being on the water and sharing that joy with my 3 children – Nicole, Ellen and Alberto. Starting out with my Dad, I’ve been a boater since I was 10 years old. Technically and technologically inclined, I’ve been a skier, sailor, fisherman, yachtsman… you name it.

As a mature boat owner and buyer, I’ve model G-Marine based on my experiences with this industry, both good and bad. Having gone through it myself, I know what this industry can do to less experienced buyers.

By explaining everything better, offering straightforward pricing, and providing what really matters to your boating experience – service after-the-sale – I help clients successfully navigate through the process of buying and owning a boat. We answer the questions and put to rest the worries you have. We make it easier to obtain the lifestyle and experiences this big purchase is going to give you.

If you love being on the water, when you acquire a new boat all your efforts in life are being rewarded. It’s proof of your accomplishments. This boating lifestyle is the fastest way to up-scale your identity.

When you are ready to solve your problems with a bigger boat, we have a pricing structure that makes boating sustainable. A fair purchase price will minimize the impact on you when you trade-up or exit. Having said that, dollars per foot is never the whole story. How your boat navigates, its intrinsic safety, and its reliability are key.

Dream fulfillment starts with an interview. How do you plan to use your boat? Will you do a lot of entertaining or is this mainly for your family? Will you hire a captain or handle the boat yourself? Choosing your next boat can involve trade offs: THE SOLUTION for the combination of factors you desire might be in a new yacht – or it might not.

What matters is finding the Right boat for you. I focus on connecting the customer with the right boat and following up with turnkey, 24/7, after-sale service. That’s where lifelong memories of being on the water come from.

To truly understand the value we provide, give us a try. Even if we didn’t sell you your current boat, call us for after-the-sale support. Let us be your resource. See our office, how we’re structured, and the way we handle ourselves – get a genuine sense of who we are. As a company we are very proud of our ethical track record.

We support the on-the-water remarkable lifestyle you seek. The promise of epic experiences that become lifetime memories.

Come and see the future that awaits you…

(Languages: English / Spanish)