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  • FYBA - Florida Yacht Brokers Association

Oscar Mercado - New Yachts & Brokerage

Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

What I really love and enjoy about my work is establishing new relationships and meeting new interesting people. I feel that I am superbly qualified to teach others about boating safely for all types of water activities: from surfing to scuba diving to windsurfing to water skiing, and sailing all sizes and types of sailboats, catamarans and yachts. From a very young age, anything that has to do with being on the water, I have done it all.

At G Marine, I provide boating products and services to a niche of highly sophisticated, educated and demanding people. Most of all, they want and need not just to be listened to, but to be heard. Not only will I put a new or a used yacht in their hands, but I will make sure they obtained the proper training on how to safely use and enjoy their new property. What’s more, I will simplify all the logistics involved in their purchase, from the bank loan to obtaining insurance under one roof. After the purchase, I connect them with the best group of service providers for their yacht.

When a client works with me, an important difference is that they will obtain a network of the most knowledgeable service providers in the marine industry – truly a significant benefit for a lifetime of great experiences and memories on the water.