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Harmonious design and advanced engineering are cleverly combined with distinct Italian craftsmanship in all of the Ferretti yacht models. The expertise of this luxury yacht builder has a long history and a legacy of excellence which thrives to this day. Ferretti is known worldwide for flawless interior details, cutting-edge technology and an unmistakablelook.

Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Ferrettishipyard has a long tradition of detailed workmanship and ongoing innovation. The brand has focused on performance, comfort and style since the very beginning. Ferrettidesigners, engineers, technicians and craftsmen have always been expected to work together to ensure that these three pillars are present in each yacht in the large fleet. With unique stylistic features and advanced systems, Ferretti yachts have been favorites of Florida boaters for years.

Sleek Italian design has led the yachting industry for decades. Ferretti yachts are no exception. The different yacht models in it extensive fleet have always been in high demand because they combine top-quality production standards, technological expertise and clean, modern design. Over the years, the Ferretticompany has produced many innovative features which have transformed the luxury yachting industry. These include large windows set into the hull to help illuminate interior spaces naturally, the Ferretti Trim and Drag Reduction system, advance stabilizer and integrated navigation systems.

The mission of Ferretti Yachtsis to enhance the pleasure of yachting through every design decision, down to the smallest detail. Onboard every Ferrettimodel, practicality and style give way to comfortable living spaces. Fine materials, elegant furnishings and panoramic windows ensure a great cruising experience.

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Are you in the market for a pre-owned Ferretti yacht or power cruiser? G Marine Yacht Corp is specialized in help you find the model that will perfectly match your boating style. We can provide a targeted selection of used Ferretti yachts currently availablefor sale inFlorida.

G Marine is a brokerage agency in Fort Lauderdale and our speciality is yachts produced by European shipyards. That’s why our colleagues call us the “European Yacht Boutique.” We have years of experience leading clients through all the steps of the yacht sales and buying processes.

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Trust the GM Yacht Sales team to help you sell your used Ferretti yacht, no matter what year or condition. Our yacht marketing professionals are able to get high visibility for listings of all kinds in order to sell the boat quickly.