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Riva yachts are a luxury icon. Riva yachts represent traditional craftsmanship, painstaking attention to detail and long-lasting quality, with a touch of glamour. Originally designed to cruise the lakes of Italy, this brand has developed into a leading producer of luxury yachts which make a statement on all the international waters.

With a strong history that stretches back to 1842, Riva has always stood for timeless style. Starting with its founding shipbuilder, Pietro Riva, beautiful design was an imperative component of the company’s long-term success. Through history, the shipyard was always on the cusp of advancing technology, including the birth of power boating. The most famous Rivacruiser models designed by Carlo Riva - including Aquarama, Ariston and Florida - were launched in the 1950s and 1960s. These quickly became a status symbol among sport icons, the social elite and movie stars of old Hollywood. The legacy of the Riva brand has only grown stronger since that time.

Each cruiser and yacht in the Riva fleet - from 27 feet to 115 feet in length - has been designed with performance and practicality in mind. The Italian brand has always been a synonym for elegance and refined luxury. The yachts of today exemplify the talent of architects, engineers and designers which has been passed down from generation to generation.

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  • 2010 Riva Duchessa - Profile Picture
    2010 Riva Duchessa
    Miami, FL, US
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  • 2012 Riva 86' DOMINO - 2012 Riva 86 Domino - Profile
    2012 Riva 86' DOMINO
    Boca Raton, FL, US
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  • 2013 Riva 75' Venere Super - Riva 75' Venere Super
    2013 Riva 75' Venere Super
    Stuart, FL, US
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  • 2014 Riva 63 Virtus - 2014 Riva 63 Virtus - Profile
    2014 Riva 63 Virtus
    Ft Lauderdale, FL, US
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  • 2012 Riva Rivarama 44
    2012 Riva Rivarama 44
    Miami, FL, US
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  • 2010 Riva 44' RIVARAMA - 2010 Riva 44 Rivarama - Profile
    2010 Riva 44' RIVARAMA
    Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
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  • 2007 Riva 44' RIVARAMA - 2007 Riva 44 Rivarama "No Name" - Profile
    2007 Riva 44' RIVARAMA
    Palm Beach, FL, US
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  • 2015 Riva Rivarama 44' - 2014 44' Riva Profile
    2015 Riva Rivarama 44'
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL, US
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  • 2017 Riva 38' RIVAMARE - 2017 Riva 38 Rivamare- Profile
    2017 Riva 38' RIVAMARE
    Palm Beach, FL, US
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